by Lynn Michael Martin

Far on this widely foaming sea I sail
And cut across these endless dancing waves;
Adventures I have met, too great for tale,
Too long to fit a thousand measured staves.
But weary of these things, I ride the prow
And watch the white horizon, far ahead,
Of Aslan’s land, my heart’s true longing now,
Which I shall seek, must seek, alive or dead.
So, stabbed by joy, I watch without a sound,
And savor this bright water, warm and sweet—
It is enough for me! let others feast;
I’ll sail till the Dawn Treader runs aground,
And paddle till the sky and water meet,
And ride that wave into the utter East.

lynn_martinMr. Martin loves stories and epiphanies, and believes that good poetry expresses humanity’s deepest longings.

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