This is for the ones who walk
with their eyes open,
looking up.
It is for the wanderers
who live quietly . . . alive
at home,
dreaming of living wildly.

You are a Dream Planter.
A spark, lighting
the fires of imagination.

We do not know the end.
Only this moment
and moments past.
So walk boldly,
but step gently.

This is Life you are touching.
You are carrying keys to locked doors,
holding seeds,
and watering worlds.
You are a Dream Planter.

Some words from the poet:
“Dream Planters” is a poem about influence and awakening. Of being aware, but not afraid of this power we as humanity have.

DSC_1751 - CopyJulie Atkinson is a wanderer, who likes quiet green things, and silent forests carpeted with moss.

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