Out of grasp of the golden stunned leafy light hills
See the skies set adrift, and those heavy clouds spilled
On the crisp lit panorama crowding piled, ripped
By a filament panning its thin yellowed light, nipped
Of a wind. Softly stacked vapor, cold colored height
Tumbling blue in the purple, and iced by the white.
Stringing out far flung space, slicing skies to a V,
Stream the silhouette wings of the lonely geese,
Crying sharply on down to the fields of the night
And a bit of the moon curving out lambent light
Through the dark crush of clouds, shatter-gleamed by her lance.
And a star pricks the dark, as she sings with the dance
Of the cold and the crisp; sees the blue of her shrouds,
Then lays softly her dreaming in October clouds.

IMG_0621 (2)Miss Kurtz finds joy expressed best in teaching first and second grade, and delights in writing the poetry of life found cupped in the beauty of her Upstate NY home.

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