As color fills the dome of azure skies,
The frozen lengths of empty twig and blade
Scratch bare against unbounded barricade.
The pulsing sun burns west to rhapsodize
And rim the waiting earth in wreaths that rise
In softest folds of purpled pink, and fade,
To give the skies this lambent orb, arrayed,
Illuminated in our wondering eyes.
It drips its honeyed gold on yearning; some
On hoped for things, and promises to come.
The longings throb in dormant trees, and light
The shooting stars that fling themselves above
Our waiting world; to dance the silent love
The moonlight sings in breathless hope tonight.

IMG_0621 (2)Gloria Kurtz finds joy expressed best in teaching first and second grade, and delights in writing the poetry of life found cupped in the beauty of her Upstate NY home.

Photography by Matthew Cordella

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