Behind the galaxies and
between the stars, I wish
I could step
and see the heavens
like clover, stampeding over the
fields and hills of private land,
when all I can feel is beauty.

I wish the stars grew like tomatoes in the garden,
each clustered in its galaxy.
And on days
when the sky was all gone

you ran screaming out
to the woods,
I would pick Sirius
and follow you,
holding it like a rose bud.

Some words from the poet:

I often wish I could help people, especially those I care deeply for with problems that are bigger than they are, problems bigger than me. I wrote this poem in a desire to help. ‘You’ is the reason I wrote the poem.

FB_IMG_1514046196304Chadwick Miller is an amateur poet who enjoys life’s experiences, different cultures, and learning from children.

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