Illuminating rays,
Of constant stream from distant stars, and near;
Creating, energizing earth and space;
Still gently clarifies the lunar face.
Within the darkest delve, its keen allure,
Its radiating, shining pure.

Par, polarizing glow.
Your smile’s intensity defies my frown.
Exquisitely your frequency’s embrace
Teaches my soul its lucid interface.
Reflected rays burn through my cores opaque;
With joyful beams my heart awakes.

True Light: the life of men.
The Light that shone, before the sun began;
The Light which lighteth mortal spirits dim.
This Light we seek to make a synonym!
Lift up your countenance, revealing right;
Our lives enflame to walk in Light!

A word from the poet: The inspiration for this poem was sparked by memorizing the book of 1st John, especially the first chapter. After all that John sees and knows of Christ, his conclusion is that God is Light. Impressed by this fact, I decided to try and understand light from the physical, the abstract, and the eternal, and hopefully better understand (though but a fragment more) our matchless, glorious Lord.

img_0009.jpgJeremiah Stump finds his joy in being a disciple of Jesus, and in learning new things such as singing and psychology.

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