Oh, to pull up shades and hidden light,
to swim from darker pleasures of irony
to rebuild the child-like desire to touch, feel
say wow to the sunlight of the world
decode the calculation standing in
for beauty. Borne back through the spray of sight
let fingers, hands, turn to the ear, turn to the nose
turn to the wits, unleash their dimension,
unclasp the heart and let go, be lost
to delight in reality unchained,
released from the reflexive reaching for
stimulation. Bury me in that towering wave
and let me breathe, let me not by rote recite
necessary gratitude but let me come back
alive in one long crest, let me feel the ocean
push me
to the light.

rogerRoger Biehn is a corporate controller and part time poet.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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