Reach out and touch
with all of your fingers.
Do not be afraid,
to taste
or to run with your eyes closed
and to laugh out loud.
Dip your toes into streams.
Catch snowflakes on your tongue.
And take deep breaths.

This is I love you.

Watch the pink-kissed clouds of golden sunsets.
And morning sun burning away the
last mists of darkness.
Listen to the whispered words of the trees.
And stop to help the people beside
you, for many are weary and wandering.
Follow the footsteps of the King who is coming.

This is I love you.

Look and remember,
with the eyes of your soul.
Do not be afraid,
to walk through time here.
For fear cannot be,
when hands such as mine are holding you.

DSC_1751 - CopyJulie Atkinson is a wanderer, who likes quiet green things and silent forests carpeted with moss.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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