For David’s Daughter

by Phoebe Anthus

Sure of foot, she is upon the mountain pass,
and swims the seven seas of sorrow
with a strength that daunts the brave;
a strength poured in from unseen hands of love.
She has the eyes of dawn,
that mirror deep the sorrow of the night,
the dizzy stars that swing
from writhing ribs and question, why?

This long year passed away
like a secondary glance,
summed up in minimal smiles
that say “I’m fine,”
yet the indigo forests and crystal dew
cry out the pulse that beats
a sad farewell through purple tears
no one can classify as this or that.
A gentle passion
peering through the swathing of the mind,
calls softly, holds out pleading hands
to touch again
the face of one who loved us as his own.

Ah for day, where never comes the night,
when hearts shall rest within the thoughts of God,
when broken loves lie cradled hand in hand
and separation is at best a memory.

phoebe Phoebe Anthus finds her joy in quiet places, in the eyes of a child or simply in noticing little things. Her passion is to help create beauty out of the brokenness all around us.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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