On Trying to Write a Love Poem

by Claudia Lehman

But when I think of you, my best beloved,
the many-hued profusion of the sounds
we use to paint the colors of our souls
outside—they burst and fall, and I am found
breathing an air too rich to fit a name.
And here lives all and nothing: scent of starlight
sweeter than constellations; silences
purer than words of peace. You are the knight
who built this house of healing for my soul,
and guards it with your own. A tender rain
of stillness hedges in my aching wounds
and gives my laughter room. What hemming name
could cut and trim and seam this up into
a garment seemly for such love to wear?
Hear in my silence thankfulness for silence.
Today this is my yearning and my prayer:
That peace will carry you as you have me,
a peace so rich that explanations fall
far short. And we shall meet in an embrace
deeper than poetry or speech at all.

Claudia Lehman lives in Paltinis, Romania, with her favorite poet, Kyle. She loves teaching, old books, Earl Grey tea, wildflowers, her comfort zone, and a mongrel puppy called Alice.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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