After Many Anniversaries

Elaine Gingrich
“Love is not blind—it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less.” —Rabbi Julius Gordon

She eyed him, dumb, as if she had not heard
How he had fought for honour modestly
And braved the woes of love’s long odyssey
In faith to her. But still she was unstirred,
Could not see past their scars, the wounds repaid.
Scorning the sagging stranger, seeing now
Only annoying squint and gray-bushed brow,
She left him and the sacred vows she made.

She never earned Penelope’s reward,
Whose tattered traveller, stripped of all his charms,
His god at last with strength and youth restored.
Despairing change, with dreams of younger arms,
She never learned, because she did not wait,
That love can beautify, rejuvenate.

Note: Penelope was Odysseus’s wife in Homer’s classic the Odyssey. She waits faithfully for his return from the Trojan War without any news of his welfare for the ten years of his wanderings. On his return, he is at first unrecognizable, aged and worn with travel, until he is supernaturally restored to the beauty and vigour of youth.

Among the rocks, lakes and trees of Ontario, Elaine writes poetry as her medium of discovery, often a journey to the unexpected. With words she wrestles, puzzles, exults and prays.

8 thoughts on “Elaine Gingrich: After Many Anniversaries”

  1. Elaine,
    I have not read much of your poetry, but I do love the few I’ve read.
    This is my new favorite!
    Beautifully written. Such a message.

    1. Thank you, Beth. Life teaches us many things and I love when our Creator enables us to express in beauty what may have been learned through pain.

  2. I was delighted to see your name in this blog post headline, Elaine! I eagerly read the poem and liked it at once, then I went back and read it again, tasting more thoughtfully and savoring every morsel. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks. Danette! ! Do you remember when we read The Odyssey together? Life and books make grand company , especially when read in the Light.

  3. SO happy your sister-in-law by the same name introduced me to this blog and your poetry! Read this one over a few times. beautiful and profound!

    1. Thank you Janet. I love this blog too with its many talented poets. It was fun to have one of mine featured in such good company. I have just discovered your blog as well. A poem a day!!!

  4. Thanks, Elaine. Especially meaningful for my wife and me, with our 10th anniversary this week.

    1. How lovely, such perfect timing. Congratulations to you and Reba. May you be blessed with many more decades of seeing each other with eyes of love.

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