My Birth

by Conrad Martin

The Holy Mystery said:
“Let there be a spine.”
And a line
fell through time—
felt space,
and it was me,
and I shimmered mine.

The Joyful One said:
“A brain perceives
and a heart is warm.
But let there be bladed bone, a sharp
shiver of grace, let form
hold frame, trace
a clean curve
through nerve
to the verge of light—
Be an ache of white.”

And Wisdom said, Laughing:
“Though free of heart or head
yet his jealousy is beyond design
and desire yearns against him.
Pure verticality, precisely
dimensional, drunk on distance,
hung over on principle.”

Thrice Excellent Splendor of Heaven whispered:
“Pang of everything.”

Passion of Deep Heaven whispered:
“Core untouchable.”

I Am whispered:
“This is my body.”

This is my body.

Conrad Martin loves words for their ability to create deeper awareness and experience of life through connection between minds and hearts.

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