We are excited to announce that the 2019 Leaf magazine is completed and ready for purchase! It features eighty-some pages of poetry, art, and photography, some of which is reprinted from the Curator, but most of which is published in our journal for the first time. We were gratified to include some excellent visual art by a number of artists and illustrators.

As a celebration of the Leaf’s publication, we will not post any weekly poems or blog posts for the month of August. We encourage you to fill your month with poetry by reading the magazine. We will, however, post some other items of interest, including further updates about the Leaf and Literature Camp.

This weekend, at Literature Camp, we will provide copies for purchase, and if you come for our evening of poetry on Saturday, you can obtain a copy there. You can also buy the Leaf on Amazon, and we will soon have it available on our website for a slightly lower price.

See you this weekend,
The Curator staff

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