by Geryll Zehr

Stars promenade through the pathways of space
lighting the visions we claim to embrace
assertions of purpose and ordinance
intentions of actual significance
while the light that illuminates our petty deeds
has endured time and space on the mission decreed,
has passed through the darkness and uttermost void
and now, for our beneficence is employed.
Look in my eyes now, allow me to see
the way your eyes look when they open to me,
tell me silently every word
that only within quietness can be heard.
Pain and desire to kindle the fire
innocence cast on a funeral pyre
here in a crucible none could contrive;
goodness and mercy arrive in disguise.
There are moments that carry the weight of the soul;
in my memory they rise up like beacons on shoal
together they lead to a juncture in time
where the being you give is the getting of mine.

Geryll Zehr seeks to express, through art, themes of brokenness, passion, and redemption. More of his poetry and photography can be found at http://www.geryllzehr.com.

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