by Phoebe Anthus

Seconds of infinity hurl here,
as we brush away the dust
and try to dismiss each experience
by naming it,
giving it a category and a reason to exist.
Seconds meter metronome
and music dies
as we parcel out time
so we can understand.
Analyze earth, bringing it down into maps
of line-drawn boundaries.
Distinguishable, bite sized pieces
broken out of one whole.
Life simplified and keenly understood,
in fragments.
No roads unnamed.
No space unmapped.
No trek untrod.
Seconds chiseled down
into micro, nano and pico bits
time mapped, music monitored,
and man internally divided
into understandable portions,
one segment at a time.
Here lies a mystery undermined.
Infinity still curled
in the fingers of a child.

Phoebe Anthus finds her joy in quiet places, in the eyes of a child or simply in noticing little things. Her passion is to help create beauty out of the brokenness all around us.

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