Advent XI

by Kenneth Godoy

Holy mother
pregnant, silent. Who is it
turns within your womb?

Mark these leaves,
the moments falling;
nothing keeps this life from changing.

Nothing stays the spinning hands
of fate. Our God, that Father
turns our world, like a child spins a top.

And who resides within your womb?
For now, in silence sleeping
curled around his thumb, Creator,

God is being born. Mark this moment:
changing time will bring the Christ, his life,
his death, Christ becoming man,

stopped by nothing. Living for his end,
despite his fear, knowing who will kill him, choosing
every moment to forgive and in stillness, weeping.

Who sleeps within your womb, that once
will look upon the world,
and break himself for them, for us.

Photo by Kenneth Godoy

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