Advent XXIII

by Claudia Lehman

Silly, silly, grown-up soul,
You take yourself so seriously
Eleven months out of the year.
Now that Christmastime is here,

Lick the cookie batter bowl.
Lean out windows, crane to see
The snowflakes. Catch them on your tongue.
Turn pockets out when bells are rung.

Smile your way through grocery stores.
Tap your sensibly shod ten toes
To carols. Give hugs and compliments.
Follow all the spicy scents

To the sweet things. Sit on floors.
Shed your coats of guarded pride,
Feed the birds, peek under beds,
Lift your worry-crowded head,

And laugh. The world glows like a bride.
Joy races through the countryside
With strings of lights. The winds blow wild.
God Himself becomes a child.

Photo by Bethany Strubhar

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