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Where Are the Poems I Want to Write?
by Kyle Lehman

Where are the poems I want to write?
Where are the songs I’ve yet to learn?

The firefly flings his sparks at night,
And syllables fall from falcon wings.
But broken the keys I ache to type
Of echoes and echoes of long-lost things.

No words arise from the Amazon.
No wisdom wakes from the Dacian wood.
Silent strength flows silent on.
The bird tongue breaks what no human could.

Long live the beauty unbeknown;
The forgotten gold in the village well.
Truth stands below what is understood,
While poets grow old, and can never tell.

Kyle Lehman is a teacher and poet who loves to watch things grow like seeds, strange ideas, and the moon. He lives with his wife Claudia in Păltiniş, Romania and blogs about teaching at https://apearlineverycowslipsear.wordpress.com.

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