Creation Sunday

by Kristen Nolt

From Eden to chaos, from form to void
the dark is as dark as the dust is dust.
Emmanuel, God-with-us, sleeps in death
and sorrows have sodden the Sabbath rest.

After evening and morning dawns the first day
when the face of the waters begins to move,
from baptism of death comes the Life and Way,
for God declares, “Let there be light” and it is.

From His broken body His bride is formed
and her only gifts are her tears and her trust.
Her garden is ointment and cross and tomb,
till Eden returns and brings her His rest.

Kristin Nolt loves music, words, and children. These frequently intersect in her job as a music teacher. She also enjoys invigorating discussions and laughter with her sisters.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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