One End of Day  

by Yolanda Lichty

the Sun spreads all her colours
before the coming Sea of azure gray,
and sinks away into another day.

one twinkling Star, then two, then three
throw flecks of white upon the calm, dark Sea
and wink and wave “good-night.”

oh, deep Delight
to summon home the Night.

From the edge of a riverside Southern Ontario village, Yolanda enjoys rambling in nature; assembling and eating food; capturing The Word in pen, photo, and song; studying history via graveyard and story tellers, both live and dead; and practicing Socratic questioning on her grade seven students. 

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

9 thoughts on “Yolanda Lichty: One End of Day”

  1. I love your poem, Yolanda.
    And your bio caught my attention… because I was born in Southern Ontario and lived in various places up and down it till my family moved to NS when I was fifteen. But in 2011 and 2012 we had spent a year in downtown Kitchener, and attended Hesson Christian Fellowship where we met Gary and Norma Lichty. And we bought produce sometimes from Gary’s brother at the Kitchener farmers’ market. Jut wondering if you are by any chance related to them? Five years of being Nova Scotian hasn’t made me stop considering Southern Ontarians as neighbors=) Maybe one day I’ll get to meet you.

    1. I am familiar with Hesson, but I don’t think I’m related to Gary and Norma–at least not too directly. I am curious if you are related to Arnold and Elizabeth Weber. I’d love to visit Nova Scotia sometime. The seascape must make a different land than Southern Ontario.

      1. I looked up Arnold and Elizabeth on and found that I am a fourth cousin to their children. I don’t know them, though my sister Selema does a little–she has helped Peter and Amber Martin who also go to Berea, so went to church there with them. (She’s there again now…but obviously not seeing a lot of people=))
        And yes, come to Nova Scotia sometime, I’ll show you around! There’s so much to see here–the window of my room looks out over the Shubenacadie River where the tide sweeps in and out every day, but that’s just the beginning. We have wooded hills, lighthouses, bayside orchards in the Annapolis Valley, the wild or wistful ocean never far away, and much more. And we love having visitors!

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