by Rebecca Weber
Here on the circle of the earth
circumscribed by God
existences are bounding circles:
skip, whittle, sing, skip, whittle, sing.
Years ring on—dripping galaxies,
fading out with time,
yet yearless souls circle deep
Circumferences may widen light
or spiral smaller,
overlapping in Spirograph patterns,
single orbits holding multiples,
or rippling out to reach some circular ocean
circumscribed by God—
circles intertwine in vibrant interlocking
of the cosmic plan yet
Uncertain circles rotate,
live, love, die, live, love, die,
overlap and unwind,
cycles of the universe
circumscribed by God.

Rebecca Weber lives in Nova Scotia and her delights include the color yellow, bandages and books, people and paradoxes, words and the One called Wonderful.

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