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Here’s the latest on Literature Camp 2020, which we’re planning to hold, Lord willing, the weekend of July 31st to August 2nd.

Lit Camp is a place for fellowship, reflection, and celebration. Attendees will hear lectures on topics both common and obscure, meet poets and people who love to read, improve their craft (if they’re writers), discuss deep questions, and thank God for the beauty of the world.

This is not just for those who identify as writers or scholars, but for all lovers of life, who through literature seek challenge, inspiration, and connection. No matter where you are, the weekend can challenge and inspire you, and will connect you with more people who love to read or write.

Here are some of the topics we’re covering this year:

  • “Why I Am a Poet”—Kenneth Godoy
  • “Lynched, Jailed, Crucified: Writings on Punishment and the Person of Christ”—Aaron Griffith
  • “Tracing the Shadow of the Almighty: Reflections on Human Vocation as a Consistent Creationist”—Kyle Stoltzfus
  • “Partakers of the Divine Nature: The Mystical Theology of Lancelot Andrewes in George Herbert’s Temple”—Joshua Nisley
  • “Feminism, Gender Theory, and Post-secularism: Navigating Contemporary Themes in Interpretation”—Obi Martin

New this year are writing craft sessions for prose (by Carita Keim) and poetry (by Charity Gingerich). Carita and Charity will also hold workshops for critiquing and improving any original work that you’d like to bring.

At appropriate times, we engage in and appreciate our culture of four-part hymn-singing. In between topics will be occasional harp and harpsichord music, as well as espresso provided by Kyle Stoltzfus.

This is all held at the Castle, an early 20th-century mansion in Franklin, PA, originally built by an oil baron. It’s a beautiful house with plenty of places, indoors and out, to curl up with a book or piece of blank paper. On Sunday, we’ll worship and reflect in a little chapel on a hill that overlooks the Allegheny River valley.

The cost of the weekend, which includes lodging and meals, will be somewhere between $115 and $130 per adult. We are very hopeful that Covid-19 restrictions will not require us to cancel, but there is no fee for registration, so you will lose nothing should we need to do so. Do come and join us! You can register here or by emailing us at For further information, you can visit our Lit Camp page.

We hope to see you there,
The Curator staff

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