by Conrad Stoltzfus

The veil slides off and the marbled irises behold,
The brilliance shafts into depths long dark,
Pain, sharp and cleansing, severs the murky cold,
The crackling blackness ignited by the spark—
Bursts into flame.

Through a glass darkly,
But then
Face to face.

The stone heart fractures and throbs in the glow,
Its mottled surface flakes and blooms ruby,
The eyes blink, ache furtively in the golden flow,
The pupil dilates, sucks the eternal beauty—
Kindling the blazing iris.

The soul smolders feebly
But then,
A flaming furnace.

Conrad Stoltzfus is an optimist, often plagued with doubts, meanwhile trying to grow in knowledge and wisdom while maintaining the wonder of a Christ-filled existence. 

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

One thought on “Conrad Stoltzfus: Behold”

  1. Thank you for this joyful look toward that Day. I love the idea of our stone statues here ignited by life. Makes me think of Narnia and the witch’s garden.

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