by Daniel Hess

The sweetest thing in all my life has been the longing… to find the place where all beauty came from. – C.S. Lewis

Beauty exceeds knowledge. How, for instance, she could be so
unmistakably herself, here and now, with pleasant rightness, though
always appearing in unexpected ways, in varying degrees of sting and force.
She comes in surprise, but never betrays the truth she knows, her source
of life, or secret art. Alive is feeble, but the nearest word
to help us chart her form, though obscured and blurred
by our dying, death-darkened eyes. She came to me yesterday,
full force, in pleasant surprise, apart from my asking, away
from the pleasant colors and scenes. She was there without a doubt,
stirring (with unknown means) desire and longing about
the real, the true, and the good. Again, in spite of the cold sky,
the grey wind and world. If I could visit her homeland, I do not lie
that I would leave behind these shallows and puddles here
to plunge in the pools of her kind, and bathe in sunlight clear.

While often failing to find the right balance in time management and priorities, Daniel Hess delights in finding poetry in unexpected places and the joy of bringing it to life with words. 

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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