Where Two Things Intersect, a Cross Is

By Kenneth Godoy

Where two things intersect, a cross is,
like the cross between silence and light,
the cross of noise into words into any meaning.
I am a cross of skin and awareness.

A cross calls the void to recognition.
Memories cross on memories to reveal existence.
Self-validation and desire seek their own, become a silver
dopamine rush, become a tiny bird crossing the wind.

I look to the cross. Standing where two things meet,
his hands reach outwards wrapping around the cross so tightly,
Blood and sweat spills out like glue. I wonder if all things cross,
already so tenebrous and fragile, that only he holds them together.

Kenneth Godoy is a poet and photographer.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

One thought on “Kenneth Godoy: Where Two Things Intersect, a Cross Is”

  1. What a profound exploration of the core of things, the tensions of humanity. I love the two-fold significance of the cross as center of our faith and also as the heart of life, somehow. The last two lines are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

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