Temple Court

by Anita Yoder

A stream of lament
Threads its line down
The curtain of the year.
An unraveling anthem
Ribbons past space
To ages gone and
Ages still to come

While nations rage
And christened thousands
Stumble up from
Skinned knees to
Stitch a bridal veil fit
To wear to feast and celebrate
The lamb who shoulders
Our sorrows and
Bleeds away
The sins of the world.

Anita Yoder dreams many impossible things, and is happiest when creating with words, colors, or textures.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

2 thoughts on “Anita Yoder: Temple Court”

  1. Stumble up from skinned knees to stitch a bridal veil…..
    Beautiful words!
    So grateful for the Lamb.

  2. What a sweet reminder that our momentary affliction will gave way to unfathomable, never ending joy in the presence of our Savior. A fit word for Holy Saturday.

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