Morning Song

by Jeremy Troyer

Stretch out the bridge of morning in five keys,
Tighten each string
So that at each soft ray of daylight it can ring,
Tuned to its subtleties—
Eyes, ears, hands, nose, tongue,
Lifted into the wind, and gently strung.

These pines that crown the bluff
Filter the jubilance of dawn,
Still, shadows on this lawn
Turn gold like light itself, and is enough.
Light pools like molten metal from the sky,
Poured on the earth like dye.

Meld music like this dawn,
Bring out the palm branch, wave it high,
And when I die,
May this bright morning not have gone—
Let note, and sunbeam, and each thread of light,
Eternal call like cherubim, both day and night.

Jeremy Troyer enjoys happiness and sadness, and worries about a lot of things that never actually happen. 

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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