Outside My Window

by Lynn Michael Martin

Outside my window falls the autumn rain,
each drop as dark as night and rich with light;
the sky spills winter on the grass tonight
and leaves its pearls upon my window pane.
Here in the darkness water drops like grain
and blossoms in a river of delight.
Into the night it courses, out of sight,
across the barren ground and down the lane,
and in the rain I love you, and its fall
murmurs tonight the words I cannot say.
From every drop, my thoughts arise to call
in their own language, names of you. And they,
the pearls of promise, gleam tonight a day,
that blooms, like you, from darkness filled with awe.

Lynn Michael Martin hopes that his poetry can connect with others who struggle with the tension between a glorious hope and a self-interested realism—and who find it hard to be content with the complex and muddy life that usually results.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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