Tidings of Great Joy

Marlene Brubacher

Not unto us, O Lord,
not unto us,
for we have sinned, we and our fathers before us.
No grace is ours, for
unto us belongs confusion of faces.
How long will You seek after us?
You have spoken unto us the name of the Lord, and we heard not.

Yet unto us the Light is shining;
unto us a Child is born,
a Son is given.
Tidings of peace have come to all people, and
unto us, unto us.
The Word has dwelt among us,
and we have seen His Glory.
O Mighty One, our spirits magnify Your name, for You have done great things
unto us, unto us.

Marlene Brubacher lives in the bush of northwestern ON; she loves Jesus, singing, Eastern Europe, white chocolate, the richness of friends, and the magic of words.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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