When Spring Breaks Forth

by Rebecca Weber

Who would have thought, through winter’s icy dark,
That we would ever see the sun again;
That sap still tarried here beneath the bark
Of weathered trees, or that the wasted glen
Would ever rise from penury to wear
A gown of gold-green leaves in evening light?
Who would have guessed that daffodils would dare
To show their faces, after frozen night?

Who could have thought that we would walk unshod
Through dancing green, where once the drifts crouched low?
We hardly breathed to hope that even God
Could wake this wilderness or make it grow.
Despite our unbelief, His kindness spoke
The word to break the spell, and all the world awoke.

Rebecca Weber is delighted to be a daughter of the King. She assumes her Swiss ancestors were weavers of cloth, but she is content to be a Nova Scotian weaver of words and a teacher, explorer, poet, dreamer, photographer, people person. She blogs at journeyintohislight.wordpress.com.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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