Golden Song

by Rebecca Weber
Inspired by Handel’s Music of the Royal Fireworks: La réjouissance (The Joy)

Light floods the vacant corridors
long since swept out
by darknesses—
and wakes a shivering ecstasy
to dance within the cadences of dawn;
gathering momentum—marching mystery
brimming across the hills.

Spring up, O, voice of joy,
arise, arise!
Rejoice in heights of grace,
of grace, bright grace.
For Christ in triumph reigns today,
risen and reigning, singing triumphant—
He lives—cascading cosmos with light.

Waking song unfolds among the tombs
its harmony of heaven—
soars and dips on golden wings,
ripping shrouds of discord.
Though clouds yet sink across
the light,
this melody forever shouts
a counterpoint of joy.

Sing for the breaking light,
this light, His light;
Sing through the shaken night,
sing on, sing dawn.
Death shall have no more dominion,
no more dominion,
for Jesus is risen
and life everlasting erupts in song.

Rebecca Weber is delighted to be a daughter of the King. She assumes her Swiss ancestors were weavers of cloth, but she is content to be a Nova Scotian weaver of words and a teacher, explorer, poet, dreamer, photographer, people person. She blogs at

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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