Autumn Moon

by Michelle King

“Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower.” —Albert Camus

The rustling gold of towering trees
Within a starlit canopy
Lay down
Beneath the waves of ink.
And scarlet leaves slept at the brink
Of sparkling puddles,
And I think
The leaves reflected moonlight.

Autumn walked beside me there,
Robed in raindrops, young and fair.
Her song,
A mournful song of red,
Awoke the stars, till overhead
A cosmic chorus
Blended, bled—
The trees were dipped in moonlight.

As in a dream, we walked the hill;
I drank it in. I listened, still.
Her song
Of mourning filled my head
Till, rising softly overhead,
The cosmic chorus,
Soaring, spread—
And morning melted moonlight.

Michelle King’s home is in the hills of Pennsylvania. She travels the world through literature and a myriad of thoughts.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

4 thoughts on “Michelle King: Autumn Moon”

  1. Excellent similes, consonance, rhythm and Rhyme pattern all while stated in a simple yet profound way. Very impressive poem!

  2. The personification of Autumn is beautiful and striking. Whoever thought of describing the waning of the year as “young and fair”? But oh she certainly is! “Robed in raindrops,” her “mournful song of red,” “and morning melted moonlight”–just lovely.

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