by Lori Hershberger

Over these hills, sing the song,
Sing it over again.
That Immanuel is come, is come,
Is come to the world of men.
Up from the valley, down from the mountains
Sing it in darkest hour
Of peace on earth, of peace on earth,
Of goodwill of greatest power—
Oh, but now, my friend, hush your singing
And be still in this crippling pain
Come grieve among the ones who grieve
And weep with the weeping rain;
For from the shadows of these Burmese hills
Comes a wail that pierces heaven’s door
For Rachel still weeps, weeps for her children
Her children who are no more.

Lori Hershberger is an absent-minded EFL teacher in the hills of Mae Hong Son province, Thailand, where she lives with her cat and wishes she had nine lives too.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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