Without Apology She Came

by Serena Peachey

The New Year came on silent feet
As silent as the snow
She stepped across the edge of time
And came to say hello.

She met me at my window where
My thoughts looked at the night.
“I was expecting you,”  I said,
Compelled to be polite.

Then all my heart came bursting out
With wailings loud and strong.
“Go back!” I said, “You look too new!
Go back where you belong!

The year behind is scrambled thick
Uncombed and full of days.
Please let me organize my life
Before Your Lowness stays!”

She didn’t quail at all my words.
She only curtsied, twice,
And said, “Too bad, it can’t be helped,
So here is my advice…

Stop screaming. Iron out yourself.
I’m here for one mere year,
A year that will evaporate.
Embrace me while I’m here.

And hey, perfection is a myth,
So let the Old Year die.
Resolve to comb tomorrow’s hair.
Be brave! Go sleep! Don’t cry!”

I closed my window, chilled and sad,
My head filled with her voice
And all around me as I slept
There marched a heavy choice.

Serena Peachey relishes handwritten letters, horseback riding, and radishes.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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