Once more the sun comes on and on

by Daniel Hess

Once more the sun comes on and on
Across this world, this weary world
And still unsatisfied the grave
And still unfilled the barren womb
The dry earth and the raging fire
Say not, β€œIt is enough for me.”

The grief of years and centuries past
Is not forgotten, not yet healed
The screams and moans, the sobs, the wails
Are hidden well within these walls
For time has covered up their trace
But not resolved their sad refrain.

The gaping earth, the lapping wave
The cold hard cell, the hissing fire
The lash, the mob, the falling blade
The jerking rope, the craving lungs
The crush, the spite, the probe, the jab,
The spit, the wound, the salt, the rub.

And more and more and on and on
And still the days and years go by
Upon the evil and the good,
The rain still falls, the sun still shines
The grass will grow, the birds will sing
And hope outlast those desperate four*

For somewhere pure a river flows
The tree of life beside it grows
Her leaves and fruit are unsurpassed
For there the curse is gone and there
The face of God is seen at last.

*Proverbs 30:15-16


While often failing to find the right balance in time management and priorities, Daniel Hess delights in finding poetry in unexpected places and the joy of bringing it to life with words.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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