On a Rainy Thursday

by Sherri Steiner

The cloudiness that shrouded every hour
Trips, topples, tumbles into every space
Unguarded by the keeper of the door.
The stress is struggling. I can feel the power
That grips my mind and wrestles with my face.
Teach me the grace that makes my spirit poor.

The scholars pull their heads within their shells.
And though I pour my knowledge on their heads
The vacant stares escape my earnest gaze.
I love them—and I love dismissal bells—
Perhaps their brains will stir within their beds—
Teach me resilience wept on rainy days.

The dusk awash with joy and hope and fears
Slides down the sky. I grasp to try to see
Past caterpillars nibbling childish things
And see the dawning of tomorrow’s years
Where children live in possibility.
Teach me tenacity to wait for wings.

Taught by country life and students, Sherri is learning to love both the dramatic and the mundane.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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