by Christopher Good

Surely the world is not ending,
cyclones are calming, wildfires are dying, songbirds are nesting,
harvest is ripening.

Surely the old men’s last hope has been
much forgotten in this enlightened century.
What after all is hope but the dark haven
of heavy unrealized dreams? We declare
that dealers in nightmares are accursed,
that heavy-handed establishment prophets
are brought to account.

Surely the old men’s deep fears have been
much forgotten in this progressive century.
What after all is fear but a walking shadow
strutting and fretting in the periphery,
a self-fulfilling fantasy? We believe
in the ultimacy of our ability,
the mutability of our guilt.
We see what our hands have made,
and it is good.

Harvest is ripening.

Christopher Good is a deeply opinionated Canadian Christian socialist thinker and craftsman; he enjoys church sociology, literature, languages, music, and building hospitality furniture.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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