Twilight Theater

by Jana Bowman

At dusk I gazed,
And Wonder rose.
Amused, amazed,
I watched her show.

She swept the stars
To form a heap
Then sprinkled them
Across the deep.

Rich flecks of gold
Fell from the sky!
I snatched—and held
A firefly.

Jana is trying to keep a proper perspective on life while enjoying the simple things along the way.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

2 thoughts on “Jana Bowman: Twilight Theater”

  1. Hey I was at the Poetry Reading in Maryland earlier in January and there was a poem read about, something about a jogger? Someone said it was titled ‘People like Us?’ but I haven’t found it anywhere. Does anyone know where that poem came from? I know it’s a shot in the dark but I figured it might be worth a try

  2. I enjoyed this poem immensely. The beautiful word picture of sprinkling stars. It felt like confetti. Then you reached out to grab one and got a firefly. I loved it. If I would be teaching still I would certainly get my students to memorize this one.
    Hopefully my comment didn’t damage your lovely poem. Thank you for it.

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