Lent 2023

by Claudia Lehman

Heavy the sky, pressing us down,
soundless and soft as time,
heavy as time, clotted with clouds,
heavy as your heart and mine.
Soon it may shed—who can say what—
thunder or stones or rain
just as it pleases, down on our heads,
and may we abide the pain.

Heavy the sky with habits of grey,
steeped in the weight it draws
up from the world, dark as the day,
hard as six hundred laws.
Broody as wings wrapping us round,
knows what it is to bleed—
heavy old sky, come down drive me down
into the ground like a seed.

Claudia Lehman lives in Păltiniş, Romania, with her favorite poet, Kyle, and their daughters, Josephine and Lucia. She loves teaching, old books, Earl Grey tea, wildflowers, and her comfort zone.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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