composting spring

by Josiah Peachey

petals in the street
blossoms turning brown
time and wind have taken
these tokens of spring,
piled them in tiny drifts
to dry and fade, decay,
make way for leaves and fruit

life is like this
with its detritus of thoughts
and feelings that
try to bear my being
even as they crumble into dust
from whence they came

yet God is present at
the very places of disintegration
and self-disillusionment

his Spirit stirs the compost of my soul
he makes the nothing
I think I have left
into the soil of growth—
a place where the clutter of me
can dissolve into fresh forms
of love in action.

he is gentle with the
jagged edges of my heart
that I bleed over.
he is infinitely kind to me
in all my little deaths

I trust him with this,
for Christ himself
died more than me
and rising carries
unto resurrection.

Josiah is studying Christian Spiritual Formation at Friends University, seeking better ways to be in the world as a follower of Jesus, and occasionally getting distracted by questions about the meaning of existence.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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