State College University Campus

by Lucas Frantz

Perhaps a year or century from now
This place will be a waste of blasted rubble.
Perhaps it will become a man-less kingdom
Of things like briars, bunnies, rats, and owls.
Such things happen now and then as peaks
Of being crumble down; as cliffs of rotting
Granite sink in crashing surfs of chaos.
And yet this campus speaks a word of hope.
The stalwart buildings murmur to each other
Through the lilting trees a homily
Of affirmation which is never wholly
Falsified by occupying heads
Inflated gruesomely with foolish thoughts.

I do not know what blood of innocents
Rests beneath this wholesome soil or stains
The walls and pavements or what idols claimed
Oblation when the groves and shrubs were planted.
And yet I think that those who birthed and reared
This parliament of kind, sagacious halls
Are allies first of all of life and goodness.
State College campus is a holy place:
Not pure, but blessed, not heavenly, but true.
I’ll always keep for it a spot of gladness.

Having grown up a book-lover in horse-and-buggy communities in four states, Lucas Frantz is determined that his experiences will provide material as well as incentive in a quest for imaginative apprehension of life and culture.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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