Spring on the Shore

by Rebecca Weber

I walk this stretch of barren beach,
a place between the waters’ flow,
where famished stones lie bleached in sun
and jostle hollow under slow
and lonely steps. (These grinding rocks
have long been smoothing out the raw
of shards when old foundations split—
past heavings of some springtime thaw.)

Now spring awakes again, and here
the waters flow on either side
as freshets break from melting ice,
and sprint down cliffs to meet the tide.
Fresh moisture seeps beneath the stones,
a trickle gathers, gaining force—
now thirsty rocks are gems again,
the beach a vibrant watercourse.

The liquid thunder—bracing brine—
Of ocean breakers dashing in
Now greets the streamlets newly born,
Embracing them as hoped-for kin
While I, a battered rock of spring,
Bend down beside a stone that drips
With recent waves, and cup my hands
To lift the future to my lips.

Rebecca is happiest in the company of housework, words, and people of all sorts, and joyfullest in the presence of Jesus. She lives in the beautiful multicultural city of Kitchener and blogs at journeyintohislight.wordpress.com.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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