Peru 2022

by Marlene Brubacher

To LKS and RMM, and to the children, with whom I spent hours discussing literature on the jungle trails of San Ramon

Over the misty mountains,
By way of the wandering trail,
We broke sweet bread together;
We sang when our courage failed
When the skies were fierce with terror,
And we sang when the sky was clear.
Over the misty mountains,
Your fellowship was dear.

Over the misty mountains,
To the edge of the sundering sea
We have come, and our band of travelers
Must break, hard though partings be.
But some day, under far swift sunrise,
We will all spy the far green land
And our hearts will haste to the Havens
And the far-off sung-for strand,

For over the misty mountains,
We will meet, when the troops come in.
When the battle is fought forever,
When the side that was right shall win,
For the King will be tramp no longer,
And the roads we will soon forget.
We will all march Home in the evening,
To bright fires, and the table set.

Marlene R. Brubacher rescues abandoned books, defends the Oxford comma, and grows poems.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

One thought on “Marlene Brubacher: Peru 2022”

  1. This is beautiful! A fitting tribute to Tolkien’s imagery, fleshed out in truth, and pointing together toward the united vision of the Fellowship! Now faith is the substance of what we hope for and the evidence of what does not yet appear.

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