Song of Centuries

by Lori Hershberger

That day in Eden when the melody was broken
And the serpent wound itself around the humming chords,
We turned, heartsick, with the fruit that stained our lips
And hung our harps and caught up our hungry swords.
What song then could we sing but dirges long and wild?
How could we understand, how could we guess,
While crouching in the dust and with trembling hands
Fastening the bloody skin of makeshift righteousness,
That our lament chanting through all the aching ages
Would seed itself deep within a woman born of pain,
And then one night while the weary world waited,
Rise within the child of hope, that took away the stain?

Rejoice, Oh Israel: Immanuel, the God who with us sings
Comes to us with broken heel and healing in his wings

Lori Hershberger lives in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand, where she teaches EFL and dreams of traveling across the Salawin River into Burma. You can find her book, Dustbeams, on Amazon.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

One thought on “Lori Hershberger: Song of Centuries”

  1. This touched my heart deeply, Lori, with all the heartache and strife of nations in this world. You have written a poignant Gospel in lament. Beautiful. 💔💝

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