No Turning Back

by Judith Weber

Sometimes grief rolls in like the waves
after Hurricane Lee,
huge and threatening,
and the salt taste on your lips
is a blur of ocean spray and tears.
You think this relentless wind
can never break or blow you down,
until a child comes purposeful, seeking stones.
“I wanna find a blue one,” he says.
How does he know the color of your soul?
The color she wore the last time you saw her,
when you said goodbye
on the porch steps,
knowing two years would roll on
before she returned.
How can two years become forever,
and how can she be gone—
so vastly and completely—
without once turning back?

Judith Weber lives in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and gets most passionate about the Singer of music and His music in everyday places.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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