Meet the people who make the Curator tick.


Claudia Lehman

Claudia Lehman lives in Păltiniș, Romania, where her husband Kyle serves as a teacher and minister. The village around her is constantly teaching her about human nature, loving people, and language barriers. She loves rainy days, growing roses, peppermint, laughter, and her three small, beautiful daughters.

Claudia grew up in Lancaster County, where she was homeschooled by her mother and taught a love of history and books by her father. After graduating from high school, she taught ESL in Lancaster City and then in Cuautemoc, Mexico. She has also briefly taught classes in literature and music, through which she learned at least as much as her students did. She writes poetry and historical fiction. Some of the writers who have most influenced her life and writings are George MacDonald, Julian of Norwich, Elizabeth Goudge, C.S. Lewis, W.B. Yeats, Sara Teasdale, G.K. Chesterton, and Malcolm Guite.

Claudia has served as a poetry editor for Curator since its beginning. She believes deeply in the power of truth, beauty, and human connection to build the Kingdom of God. She is grateful for a chance to contribute to the Curator as it works to give a voice to these things.

Conrad Martin

Conrad lives in western Pennsylvania and busies himself with designing and building objects, studying subjects, and traveling between. He lived in numerous states throughout his childhood, including the desert Southwest in his teens, and remains interested in landscapes, weather, and atmospheres. He spent a few years abroad teaching, and a few years driving truck in Idaho. He began his further schooling with two years at Faith Builders, completed a bachelors in philosophy at Messiah University, and is considering further formal education. His participation as an editor at the Curator has provided him a home base for literary and philosophical discussion and exploration, and he treasures the broader friendships that have grown up around the common effort. He still finds it difficult to declare his favorite genres or authors, or to be satisfied with his explanations of what kind of poetry it is that he loves. His own writing is mostly essay, both personal narrative and topic-centered, supplemented by continued but occasional experimentations in poetry. He is crucially driven to find, clarify, and construct a cosmology which can be a home both for ancient wisdom and for modern discovery.

Grace Martin

Grace Martin, poetry editor, graphic designer, and event coordinator, having set foot in most of the states and continents and lived semi-nomadically in various places, is now snuggly settled in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Grace teaches local art co-op classes, illustrates books, hosts lots of overnight company, writes poetry, and mothers a curious 1-year-old while instigating as many literary gatherings as she is able.

Grace has worked in various random positions at the Curator since the day it materialized, but her favorite always has to do with background work and hosting, as well as other services that facilitate long talks or crazy new ideas.

Grace is married to her long-time best friend Lynn Martin, who has tangled her up in the nucleus of many small-world literary explosions. They agree that there will always be room for one more guest, an impossible idea worth trying, an adventure waiting to happen.

Grace studies quite diligently in the school of hard knocks, but hopes not to graduate for a few more years yet. She is insatiably curious and loves art, literature, theology, and sociology. She aims to embrace life’s challenges and experiences and to go down kicking.

Lynn Martin

Lynn Michael Martin (Director of the Curator) remembers reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe for the first time at some unknown tender age. He (gulp) cried. Since then, he has read many classics, fairy tales, and other good stories, and may or may not have shed a few tears since as well.

Lynn received a B.A. in English and philosophy at the University of Maryland. He edits poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, and he specializes in developmental editing, helping writers to improve the quality of their work. If you would like a writing mentor or editor, feel free to reach out to him at

Lynn writes fiction and occasionally poetry. He is committed to helping the Conservative Anabaptist community to find its voice in literature, philosophy, and theology. He writes and edits primarily for that purpose. He currently studies theology and philosophy of religion, trying to develop a cohesive understanding of the truths of Christianity. Many of the ideas he develops can be found on

Books that Lynn rereads on a regular basis include The Lord of the Rings, the Narnia chronicles, several George MacDonald titles, A Tale of Two Cities, and certain children’s books that have shaped his imagination.

Chambersburg, PA, is where the happy home scenes can be found in which Lynn reaps the rewards of two of his best ideas, marrying Grace and having a child named Theodore. In all fairness, they were just as much her ideas (as many of Lynn’s other ideas also turn out to be).

Obi Martin

Descended from many authors, Obi grew up steeped in the sound of his Mom’s voice reading. In high school, he found the joy of discovering worlds of literature for oneself, and began writing poetry. Foiled by a course in physical chemistry, he dropped out of high school, and began a series of practical jobs that would keep him in good stead until the other side of college. After spending two years in the incredibly rich spiritual and intellectual ecosystem at Faith Builders, he transferred to Bluffton University, where he earned a Bachelor’s in English and graduated with honors in that discipline.

Following college, Obi has taught English literature and language arts in private and charter schools in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Obi reads poetry looking for a clearness of imagery and representation that can immediately let the reader in on a perspective that is not their own. Some of his favorite poets are Rilke, Oliver, Ashbery, Hopkins, Claudia Lehman, and Kenneth Godoy. Writing, editing, and proofreading work in socially- and psychologically-conscious philosophy and spirituality are among his current interests.

Natasha Witmer

Having grown up in the southwest Pennsylvania woods, Natasha now lives in Altoona, Pennsylvania. She enjoys her urban surroundings and the network of thinkers, artists, and writers that she has met there. Natasha has worked with the Curator since the day it emerged out of several pre-existing writing groups. She currently works with the poetry editing board, helps with brainstorming, and assists in creating events such as the annual Literature Camp and the various poetry readings.

Natasha graduated from Allegheny College of Maryland with an Associate’s in General Studies in the spring of 2020, during the quietude of initial Covid restrictions. Her general studies degree included surveys of literature, psychology, and history. She continues learning on her own, mostly focusing on literature, theology, and philosophy. Natasha is grateful for the resources of secondhand books, YouTube lectures, audio books, and knowledgeable friends.

In summer of 2020, Natasha married Reynold Witmer, who has provided much of the stimulating companionship necessary to self-study. They agreed that it would always make sense to buy more books. With the addition of Marli to the Witmer family in December, 2022, the library has obligingly expanded its repertoire in the direction of Richard Scarry and Frog and Toad.

Fyodor Dostoevsky, Søren Kierkegaard, Thomas Merton, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Flannery O’Conner have deeply shaped Natasha’s imagination, but John Steinbeck has been Natasha’s favorite storyteller for a number of years. She returns to The Wayward Bus, Winter of Our Discontent, and East of Eden regularly. More recently, authors such as Graham Greene, George Elliot, E. M. Forster, Thornton Wilder, and Susanna Clarke have taken up the foreground.

Meet the Staff

Johanna Bulley

Johanna once imagined that she would be a writer, but her devotion to gardening won out, so now she happily divides her time between watching things grow and pulling weeds. She lets her writing grow in the shade of these other things. She enjoys writing short fiction and, more recently, having developed a new appreciation for narrative non-fiction, she experiments with that too.

Johanna completed her B.A. in English Literature from the University of Maryland. Permaculture, Charles Williams, and Curator discussions have contributed a great deal to her imagination. She updates the Curator’s social media and sends out the occasional updates for the Curator from her home in Hagerstown, MD.

Lowell Martin

Lowell Martin lives near Hagerstown, MD, and is pursuing a degree in computer science. His hobbies cycle unpredictably through a large range of topics, but often include reading, math, classical music, Latin, and astronomy. He loves the Curator’s random philosophical discussions, and joined the Curator in 2021 as an administrative assistant (a fancy title that attempts to summarize a group of totally unrelated mundane responsibilities).

Darren Nisly

Darren Nisly hails from northern Virginia, where he and his wife Lucrecia have settled into a world of urban gardening, book collecting (and reading), story crafting, and music making.

Marilynne Robinson, James K.A. Smith, Fyodor Dostoevsky, C.S. Lewis, Michael O’Brien, Wendell Berry, and J.R.R. Tolkien are a few of the many writers who have shaped his understanding of the world.

It is his hope that through the lens of skillfully crafted art, everyone would come to fully see the source of all goodness, truth, and beauty.

James Weaver

James is a graphic designer for the Curator with a passion for art and community. With five years of design experience at Horst Signs, and many hours on his own he has honed his skills in graphic design and now focuses on publishing the Be Your Own Doctor books that his mother (Rachel Weaver) wrote while doing freelance design work as a side hustle. At the Curator, James aims to leverage his design expertise to enhance community engagement through a well designed website and products. His preferred artistic style is hyper-realism, which he beautifully executes in pencil, acrylic, and oil paints. James finds support and inspiration from his wife, Melody, who is an artist and provides constructive feedback on his work. Together, they raise their daughter Eowyn who is budding artistic talents, as she eagerly draws every day, following in her parents creative footsteps.


The Curator’s board is Reynold Witmer (Altoona, PA), Titus Kuhns (Middlefield, OH), Kyle Lehman (Păltiniş, Romania), and Anita Yoder (Guys Mills, PA).