Some of the Curator’s editors provide editing and writer development. Since developing writers is one of our closest-held goals, we want to make it available to everyone at reasonable rates. We used to provide further constructive criticism for any poets whose work we didn’t accept, and we would still love to do that—just we no longer have the resources to do that for free (editors need to eat too). Some of our editors who are experienced with giving constructive criticism and assisting in writer development are now providing that as freelance editors.

For evaluating and strengthening an individual poem of the size range that we generally publish on the Curator, editors currently charge $12. For further work, editors charge $25 per hour. Below is a list of editors who offer this service.

  • Conrad Martin—Conrad has experimented with quite a few different styles of poetry. For the past year or two, his job has been to give feedback to Curator submissions, and he has also worked with a number of writing groups, so he’s quite familiar with the development process. A particular strength is tinkering with a poem to strengthen it and make it speak. Some of his poetry can be found on the Curator website. Email Conrad here.
  • Lynn Michael Martin—Lynn specializes in bound verse (rhymed and metered) poetry, but has spent plenty of time with free verse poetry as well. He has given a lot of feedback to a lot of writers through different writing groups and through his community college’s writing center. He enjoys helping writers develop their work—enabling them to create beauty and insight through crafting the medium of words. He has published poetry with the Curator and other publications and journals, giving particular attention to the sonnet form. Lynn also has experience with copyediting and proofing. Email Lynn here.