What’s Nettlesome?

We cultivate content that may prickle and provoke, but handled correctly, good stories, like the nettle, contain properties that heal and stimulate. Strong stories entertain just as an accomplished host nourishes guests with food and fascinates with conversation, to send them away refreshed and heartened. We hope that the exchange between writers and readers will encourage greater conversation, inspire more stories, and foster stronger fellowship.

We are in the process of soliciting stories and building an online platform for our content. We’re looking forward to beginning to publish sometime early in 2022.

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General Guidelines:

We pay authors up to $50 for accepted submissions.

All work should be previously unpublished unless it has appeared only on a personal website. If it has, please let us know. We accept multiple and simultaneous submissions. We require first rights for publishing work on our website, as well as the right to publish in other types of media should we decide to do so.

Submissions should be emailed to submissions@nettlesome.org with the subject “Nettlesome Submission.” Attach a profile picture and include a short description of yourself.

What We Are Up To

We are excited to announce that we will be holding a monthly afternoon critique session.

If you are currently working on a story (or currently working on thinking about working on a story), we’d like to provide you with a deadline and an opportunity for feedback. 

Critique Schedule

November 21, 3pm. Submission deadline: November 14. 

December 12, 3pm. Submission deadline: December 5.

How It Works:

  • In order to keep each session focused, critique sessions will consist of four submitting authors and our editors. Stories must be submitted a week in advance of the critique session to give our editors, you, and your fellow submitting authors time to thoroughly read and thoughtfully review each story.
  • During the critique we’ll spend 30 minutes on each story–20 minutes in discussion among the audience; 10 minutes for the author to ask questions of the audience.
  • Our goal is to support authors by providing constructive comments and questions about the work we are critiquing. Be honest, be respectful, have fun.

Interested In Participating?

Submission guidelines

  • Stories must be at least 1,000 words, but no longer than 8,000 words, take it as an estimate–we trust your judgement on this. Excluding excessively graphic or explicit content, we don’t have any specific content guidelines/restrictions.
  • We accept stories on a first come, first served basis; expect a confirmation email within 24 hours of submission. After the submission deadline you will receive an email with links to the other stories being critiqued in your session. Once a session is filled, surplus submissions will be given priority for the next available session.
  • Stories should be polished and free of excessive grammar issues. If a story has too many mechanical issues we will request that you polish your story and resubmit the work for the next critique session.

Critique session guidelines

  • Stories must be submitted a week in advance of the critique session to give our editors, you, and your fellow writers time to thoroughly read and thoughtfully review each story. 
  • The success of the critique session depends on your engagement. Each writer is expected to thoroughly read and thoughtfully review each of the stories that have been submitted. During the critique we request that you actively engage in the discussion, bring up questions, respond to comments, and have a good time.
  • Authors come from varied backgrounds and experiences, and it is likely that their tastes and interests may differ from yours. If you are unsure about what to say about a story, prepare yourself by taking notes beforehand. If there are aspects of a story that confuse you ask questions during the discussion. Critiques sessions are a chance to give insight as well as an opportunity to learn from the skill and experience of other writers.

Submit stories here.

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