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Meet the Leaf, a journal dedicated to poetry, stories, and art by contemporary Anabaptists and likeminded artists. These pages feature authors and artists who love life and celebrate its joys, sorrows, and paradoxes.

Here the Curator reprints some of its weekly poems, and here many new poems first see the light of day. Each will bring fresh delight to the reader who searches for beauty.

The 2020 issue features poems and stories by people like Marlene Brubacher, Emily Smucker, and Kyle Lehman, interspersed with original art and photography. We invite you to join these poets and artists on their venture through the created world, beautiful both in sophistication and simplicity.

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  1. Rebecca Weber

    I love the fascinating collection of poetry in styles as diverse as sonnets and free verse. Prose is excellent too: don’t miss Conrad Martin’s story about a set of siblings whose search for the last page of a story connects and defines them.

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