Here is an array of resources unconnected to the Curator that may benefit you as a writer or reader.


Here are some blogs where you can find literature and writing about literature.

  • The Mennonite Game—This directory of Mennonite (and other Anabaptist) blogs is an excellent place to find what Mennonites are saying and writing today.
  • Shasta’s Fog—At this blog, Esther Swartzentruber writes on various topics mostly related to literature, such as book reviews, literature conference reviews, etc. With a strong philosophical bent and a healthy sense of humor, Shasta’s Fog articles are always interesting.
  • Malcolm Guite—Guite (rhymes with kite) is an Anglican priest who writes beautiful religious sonnets and other bound verse poems, which he posts regularly on his blog, all of which he records himself reading. This makes for a delightful experience of his poetry.

Thinking/Worship Resources

You should be familiar with the current theological and practical conversations going on in our extended community.

  • Anabaptist Perspectives—Anabaptist Perspectives is an excellent way to engage with committed thinkers who are also committed Anabaptists. Their blog is less often updated than their podcast and videos.
  • SCMC—Shenandoah Christian Music Camp is working to provide music and worship resources. Be sure to check out their blog.
  • Think Truth—This blog represents a vision for a thought-out faith and life. Their articles are considered and thought-provoking.
  • Anabaptist Faith—This blog explores and describes the Anabaptist faith, as well as giving reasons for believing the tenets of Anabaptism.

Writing Resources and Events

Here are some places where you can work at improving your writing and get to know other writers.

  • InkWell—a monthly writers newsletter with great writing advice. The Anabaptist women behind this newsletter also help to set up writing groups for those who are interested in workshopping their writing with others.
  • Writers and Artists Conference—a large annual conference hosted by CLP in the spring, with a wide range of topics surrounding writing and publishing prose, poetry, art, and music in the Conservative Anabaptist world.
  • Western Anabaptist Writers Conference—a smaller conference hosted by Dorcas Smucker in a similar vein to CLP’s, but serving writers on the west coast, Anabaptist and otherwise.

Literary Publications

Here are some publications with traditional literary values, where you may want to consider submitting your work or at least reading what they publish.

  • Society of Classical Poets—The Society is dedicated to poetry with classical values and written in classical styles, i.e. formal/bound poetry.
  • Vulgaris Media—Vulgaris Media is a project to publish literature that is primarily beautiful.
  • The Lyric—a magazine dedicated to “traditional poetry,” by which it means poetry that is usually rhymed and never political. It has been in business for a long time (a century), and contains many worthwhile and delightful poems.

If you know of other resources that would be worthwhile for writers, readers, and thinkers, please contact us!